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Oct 26, 2017

Becky Villamagna (holding gift bag see pic above) received more than just a gift bag full of goodies sent to her from her Son and Father from Heaven, she also received profound messages as well.

It began Sunday as I was reading a story earlier this morning that a dear friend, Marjorie See (in the grey outfit see pic) had posted on her Facebook page. It was a newspaper article from our hometown newspaper the Record Herald from years ago (see article link below). Marjorie’s post was about a barber, Howard Engle who owned a local barbershop where bank swallows had built a nest in the old brick building where the barbershop was located and how Marjorie used to go to the Barber Shop with her Father to get his haircut. She stated, “I finally found the name of my Father’s barber”.

Becky’s Father who’s in heaven began to converse with me as he reminisced about the old brick homestead with the birds nest embedded in the brick wall, and how Becky used to go to the Barber Shop with him as well…

There was a certain commonality about these two Women both lost their beloved Father’s and both their dearly beloved sons died in their youth.
It is miraculous how the Holy Spirit works as I am graced with the honor of hearing from loved ones in Heaven. How miraculous messages are triggered by shared experiences.
I hadn’t even met Becky nor did I know her name. But prior to our afternoon appointment made by a friend of hers, I was already introduced to her Son and Father.

How privileged to witness such a glory-filled moment! As her Son and Father anxiously awaited her arrival with a gift bag full of extended confirmations validating of the validity of Heaven… What a profound moment when I myself came to realize God our Father and Jesus his son provided the moment. Three Fathers and Three sons graced us with their presence. Oh, how glorious the thought and oh how bright the path that leads to everlasting… Gregory Sanderson


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