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Oct 15, 2017

Oct 15, 2017

Calvin (11 yrs. old) and his brother, Devin (12 yrs. old) have had a very traumatic year as they experienced the loss of their Grandmother Susan (legal guardian of the boys) when she died December 2016. Both their parental Father and Mother gave up their legal rights to the boys due to drug addiction. They literally have been through hell…

Calvin joined the football team in August and during his 2nd practice, he fell and broke his arm causing him to sit on the sideline until last Saturday, October 7th. After his arm healed the coach put Calvin on the field his first official game which met so much to Calvin a child who walked onto the football field with no one to cheer him on. The football team hadn’t won a game all season until that night!

The very next day the boys encounter their biological father who got upset with them as he was tense from a drug binge. Devin ran around the corner of the house as he witnessed his Dad picking Calvin up by his throat and in mid air began to punch Calvin in the face with his fist… Devin watched in horror as his little brother screamed from the blows to the face. What do you imagine was going through this little boy’s mind all the next week? You can imagine how he must have felt as he faced the world alone all by himself with no support from anyone. How he must have missed Grandma Susan who was always there to support him and his brother in whatever they did and oh how she praised him whenever he did well.

This past Friday afternoon Calvin was thinking of his Grandmother as he was on his way home from school on the school bus. It was at the exact moment Susan came to me as I was heading in to the local McDonald’s drive-thru to get an iced tea.

Susan said to me, “Tell Calvin that I was with him at his football game and was watching him play. Please tell him how very proud I am of him and that he is number one in my book!” I shook my head in agreeance as I pulled up to the drive-thru speaker. After I placed my order I pulled around still with the message in thought and as I looked in front of me Susan directed me to a license plate on the van directly ahead of me; she said to me, “Hurry and catch up to the van before it pulls away and takes a picture of the license plate. I drove up as hurriedly as I could only to notice the license plate was confirmation of the message that Susan was sending to her grandson from heaven. I snapped the two pictures below and text them to Calvin.

I am so blessed to have these gifts and to assure an 11 year old child that he was not alone at the football game and Grandma was there to cheer him on during the first game he got to play in!

Gregory Sanderson

Gregory Sanderson Ministries

My work is extensive and the money generated from this Ministry is far-reaching. I will never forget the wise words of Professor Dr. Lester Piefer who used to say to me, “I have raised thousands of dollars throughout the years and none of the money stuck to my fingers.” The money generated through your donations and through private readings support God’s people… Thank you for your continued prayers and support to this unique Ministry, Gregory Sanderson

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