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July 24, 2016

The Story of the Porcelain Doll

Photos from Left to right: Olympian Chantae McMillan; The Porcelain Doll. “I was drawn to this doll the whole time we shopped in this antique store. I was told time and time again “to purchase the doll.” I kept telling Mark Geisinger “they don’t shut up until I do what I’m requested.” I did not purchase it so Mark took a picture of it that’s me pointing to it… Even as we were going out the door, walking down the street and as we were going back to the car I wanted to go back and get it. The issue is I do so much of this kind of thing I end up with “no money” I thought a picture would suffice I even told Mark I’d regret it… Ok people… I’m going back in the morning to purchase the doll…”; Photo above: Starting left to right: Billye Stockert, Gregory Sanderson Medium, Suzie Geisinger, and Mark Geisinger. After we browsed the gift shop Mark treated us to an exquisite dinner at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio.

Proverbs 16:9 (CEB) “People plan their path, but the Lord secures their steps.”

I had the honor of sharing with American Heptathlon, Chantae McMillan (today), July 23 (today) who lost her Father Badger McMillan on August 5th of last year.
Earlier today she was Googling “Mediums in Troy, Ohio” where she stumbled upon my listing she said she called because I had great reviews and she felt inspired since this was close to the anniversary of her Father’s passing. It’s interesting to note that she may have felt “inspired” but she was intuitively guided by her father to come here unbeknownst to her he set this up 3 days prior… Heaven guided her… I was in Waynesville, Ohio on Wednesday browsing through the gift shops with Mark Geisinger, his sister, Suzie, and Billye Stockert. Mark and I were hanging out waiting on the Lady’s who were shopping for “trinkets and souvenirs.” As I was passing people in the gift shop I began to share with Mark how I could telepathically pick up on anyone who passed my way. As we were strolling through the shop was drawn to a porcelain doll and a man from Heaven was prodding me to purchase it, I kept going back to it contemplating on whether I should or not. I was explaining to Mark that long before a reading people come to me from Heaven asking me to purchase gifts for a family member or a friend whom I’m about to meet. I was reluctant to buy it so I asked him to take a picture of it and I said to him, “I’ll text you when she comes and I’ll show her the picture.” Her father told me she had a porcelain doll at home similar to it and wanted me to give it to her as a “house warming gift.” I shared the story with Chantae and before I showed her the picture of the doll I asked her to describe the doll to me. She said, “It was a small doll with bushy hair like a “fro” and it had an animal by her feet.” I didn’t have my cell phone with me so Mark volunteered to take a picture of it for me. I said to Mark I’ll send you a picture of the person when I see her. Her Father was the inspiration behind the Google search that led her here to me today. You’re not alone in your thoughts… and as for her Father… he’s still looking ahead for her planning her every step… Gregory

Gregory Sanderson Ministries

My work is extensive and the money generated from this Ministry is far-reaching. I will never forget the wise words of Professor Dr. Lester Piefer who used to say to me, “I have raised thousands of dollars throughout the years and none of the money stuck to my fingers.” The money generated through your donations and through private readings support God’s people… Thank you for your continued prayers and support to this unique Ministry, Gregory Sanderson

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