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“People plan their path, but the Lord secures their steps.”
Proverbs 16:9 (CEB)

Oct 14, 2017

I had the privilege to share with Jen Fisher Riley in here home today. She recently lost her Mother unexpectedly and is having a tough time dealing with her Mother’s loss. While I was sitting across from Jen at her kitchen table, her Mother, Barbara stood by the refrigerator and pointed to the 3 angels and a note hanging on the right of the door. Barbara then says to me, I wrote this note for my mother”. I looked at Jen and said your Mother is pointing to that note across the kitchen and the angels holding it up. Tears began to roll down Jen’s face as she went over to the refrigerator and brought the note over to me to read. MORE

Oct 15, 2017

Calvin (11 yrs. old) and his brother, Devin (12 yrs. old) have had a very traumatic year as they experienced the loss of their Grandmother Susan (legal guardian of the boys) when she died December 2016. Both their parental Father and Mother gave up their legal rights to the boys due to drug addiction. They literally have been through hell… MORE

Oct 16, 2017

I had a delightful day with Mother/Daughter team, Cindy and Amy Hughes. Cindy lost her husband, Bill 5 years ago and has had a difficult time mending from the trauma due to his loss as well as his daughter Amy.
I was about a 1/2 hour from their home when I received messages from Heaven to stop along the way and purchase a few gift items to take to them. MORE

Oct 26, 2017

Becky Villamagna (holding gift bag see pic above) received more than just a gift bag full of goodies sent to her from her Son and Father from Heaven, she also received profound messages as well. MORE

Oct 27, 2017

I got up early today as I had to take the grand kids to the bus stop around 6:30 this morning. It was cold and dark mixed with a little bit of rain when Dreama Brown’s Grandmother and Father approached me from heaven and asked me to pick some tomatoes out of my tomato patch and give them to Dreama when she was to arrive. I said to them it’s cold and wet I’ll do it later. MORE

July 6, 2016



July 24, 2016

The Story of the Porcelain Doll
Proverbs 16:9 (CEB) “People plan their path, but the Lord secures their steps.”

I had the honor of sharing with American Heptathlon, Chantae McMillan (today), July 23 (today) who lost her Father Badger McMillan on August 5th of last year. MORE

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